THE tragic death of 26-year-old jockey Simone Montgomerie in Darwin last year following a race fall from the horse Riahgrand was caused by no single factor,  according to a Northern Territory WorkSafe investigation report released on Friday.

PATRICK BARTLEY reports in THE AGE that the death of the likeable young jockey stunned the racing world last August when she fell from her horse during the running of the Lightning Plate at the Darwin Cup day fixture.

"This was a very public, very tragic event," Work Health Authority deputy chief executive Doug Phillips said.

"Emotions have run high and there have been many people involved in the investigation. The horse, in its first race in Darwin, reacted in a manner which caused the fall during the race, but no single factor has been determined as the reason the horse behaved this way," he said.

In the closing stages of the Lightning Plate Montgomerie’s mount straightened clear of the field but appeared to baulk abruptly at the 200-metre mark when approaching a well-used crossing.

The crossing was used by Darwin Cup day patrons to cross from the inside of the track to the main grandstand area.

"I have considered the available evidence in the report and have determined that this unfortunate incident could have had a number of contributing factors, such as the pedestrian crossing, the temperament of the horse and other external influences that exist at well-attended race days.

"Northern Territory WorkSafe does not intend to take further action in relation to this accident.

"This was an unfortunate and tragic incident. I note that the Darwin Turf Club released a media statement on Wednesday, 19th March, 2014 announcing they will no longer be using the crossing where the incident occurred. I consider this to be a positive action as it removes potential hazards identified regarding that particular crossing," Phillips said.

Phillips also confirmed that the NT WorkSafe investigation report had been handed to the coroner.

The racing world was stunned when the young mother crashed to the ground and died soon after making contact with the track leaving jockeys across Australasia shattered by the incident.

Officials from across Australia flew in to comfort Montgomerie's family and as a result of the Lightning Plate tragedy jockeys unanimously voted to abandon the Northern Territory's richest race day.

At the time senior jockeys such as Dwayne Dunn said they were in total disbelief at the incident and were not prepared to ride on at the cup day meeting.

The Montgomerie family has asked that its privacy be respected.

Victorian Jockeys Association chief executive Des O’Keeffe was on Friday unavailable for comment.

It is understood that the Darwin Turf Club has gone to great lengths to remedy the problem at the spot in the home straight and will use alternative parts of the track to move the crowds around on days such as Darwin Cup day.

The Darwin Cup meeting is one of the most popular in Australia with thousands of tourists from all parts of the country flying in for the weekend carnival.

The Australian racing community rallied for Montgomerie and her young daughter by raising tens of thousands of dollars with TabCorp offering up its share of betting money at Flemington and Randwick on the opening races on the Saturday after the fall the previous Monday.

It's still unclear when the coroner will start investigations into the incident.